All Things Cake Smash

Cake Smash Sessions are definitely the thing to do to celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday!

My Cake Smash Sessions are custom to every baby.  No set up is exactly the same as I love being creative and collaborating with your vision for the session as well.

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Let’s answer some frequently asked questions regarding my Cake Smashes!

When should I be booking a cake smash for my baby?

Keeping in mind I book months in advance, I would suggest scheduling a session for when your baby is between 11 and 13 months old.

What do I need to bring to our session?

I provide most everything including balloons, banners, and the cake! Your baby’s cake smashing outfit is totally up to you and how you would like to dress them. Tutus and rompers have been popular for girls and jeans with a simple birthday onesie are perfect for boys.

How much does it cost?

All of my sessions require a $200 booking fee. This fee covers the cost of my time, talent and all supplies for your session but does not go towards the cost of images.

Proofing galleries are provided within 1-2 days after your session for you to choose your favourite images to be fully edited. Digital image packages start at $500.


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This beautiful little girl gave me so many funny expressions. Mom was behind me playing her favourite songs and we were singing and dancing!

There is seriously nothing cuter than seeing and photographing your baby’s reaction to having a cake plopped in front of them to destroy and eat!

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No Cake Smash Session is complete without a bubble bath!

I think almost every baby loves splashing in the warm water with a parent right by their side for safety.


Does your baby have allergies? Maybe a cake smash isn’t for them?  There are a huge variety of options out there besides a cake. How about donuts or timbits? Chicken nuggets and fries? Pancakes anyone?!

Is your baby turning 2 or 3? How about a Paint Smash where you get to take a home a painted canvas?!

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What 4 or 5 year old doesn’t love candy?! How about a cotton candy smash or a candy buffet smash?!

And let’s not forget about your teenager turning sweet sixteen or becoming legal age.

Any ladies out there turning thirty?  Champagne is on me!

A Cake Smash Session is the way to celebrate!Fort McMurray photographer, Adult Cake Smash, Fort McMurray cake smash photographer, grown up cake smash


Contact me today to book your baby’s or heck, even your own cake smash!


Amie Roberts Photography :

Cake Smash




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