Watch Me Grow

Ah, that newborn smell, the snuggles, the sleepless nights. You blink, and now your baby girl grunts through tummy time like every time before, when suddenly, she rolls over! It’s the very first time and you know instantly that a milestone is reached.

She is onto a new stage in life and in that moment, all the grunting tummy times flash through your mind because you know that is no longer the way things will be.

Weeks pass, and one day you notice she’s sitting up all on her own.  All of the moments she was still wobbly and would flop over flash through your mind. Another milestone in her little life has been reached! You quickly remember the last time this happened; however, now you can barely recollect that last mental slideshow.

How can it only have been several weeks ago and yet those mental images are starting to get blurry?

Thank goodness Amie is documenting every stage in your baby’s first year of life!

And shortly after your beautiful baby girl’s first birthday, you will receive a photo album with all of her photos to spark the memories of those milestones.

You did book a Watch Me Grow package right?


For more information on Amie Roberts Photography’s Watch Me Grow plans, click here.

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